Let There Be Light – Loy Krathong




On Last week WPC, I showed a group of photos about an Unexpected Candy Man taken at the Thai Loy Krathong Festival on the Parramatta River at Sydney. Loi Krathong means “Floating Crown” or “Floating Decoration” which comes from the tradition of making buoyant decorations which are floated on a river(Wiki). Below are some of the photos taken on the same night.

Link:   an Unexpected Candy Man

Weekly Photo Challenge – Unexpected Candy Man

Weekly Photo Challenge - Unexpected

Last night, we went to see the Loy Krathong, Thai Festival on the Parramatta River at Sydney. While looking for interesting subjects for my photography, I spotted this candy craftsman’s stand surrounding by a group of kids. I was so excited as this unexpected candy man brought me back lots of sweet memories. I was growing up in a remote country town in China where there was only one little shop selling groceries. A candy man came to our town maybe twice a week, he set his stand up in front of the shop and started to make his candy sculptures without talking to anyone. I liked his sculptures very much and always bought some from him whenever I had enough pocket money. He was the one of the most I liked on my childhood.

Weekly Photo Challenge – Habit


I like to take the photo of my shadow. I used the right hand holding the camera and lifted up my left hand to make my shadow look more interesting in the image. I can not believe that lifting up my left hand had become my habit when I shoot my shadow as I noticed it from many different photos I took.

Weekly Photo Challenge - Habit