Badgerys Creek (2)

Badgerys Creek II

Sydney Suburb – Badgerys Creek (2)

It started to rain on the way back to M7 at Elizabeth Drive. A strawberry farm stall got my attention. ‘Fresh, Sweet. Drive In’ – the strawberry sign slowed me down. Just about to drive in to the farm, I found there was no one there. Maybe it was still too early in the morning. Stopping the car on the opposite of the strawberry farm, walked to the farm fruit shop and had a short chat with the old man. His mangoes were the best I had in this season.

Wiki said that Badgerys Creek is located approximately 51 kilometers west of the Sydney CBD, and it is in the area of City of Liverpool.

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Badgerys Creek

Badgerys Creek
Sydney Suburb – Badgerys Creek
Went to Boral Selection Center at Badgerys Creek this morning, and found this beautiful cattle farm just opposite to the center. Unfortunately, this magical rural scenes might be not going to last any longer, as Badgerys Creek is the proposed home for Sydney second airport for decades.


A Cattle Farm at Badgerys Creek