Paddy’s Markets


When we lived in inner west twenty years ago, we loved Paddy’s Markets. It was the best place for poor students like us because the prices for fruit, vegetable and seafood at the Paddy’s were much cheaper than in the supermarket. We shopped there almost every weekend. Nowadays, Paddy’s Markets is more attractive to tourists than local residents.


Paddy’s Markets Sydney

Haymarket, Sydney 2013

Let There Be Light – Loy Krathong




On Last week WPC, I showed a group of photos about an Unexpected Candy Man taken at the Thai Loy Krathong Festival on the Parramatta River at Sydney. Loi Krathong means “Floating Crown” or “Floating Decoration” which comes from the tradition of making buoyant decorations which are floated on a river(Wiki). Below are some of the photos taken on the same night.

Link:   an Unexpected Candy Man

Urban Sprawl at Sydney Northwest

Urban Sprawl at Sydney Northwest

  • What was once farmland has now been turned into medium density housing.
  • Urban sprawl at Northwest of Sydney has led to a multitude of issues.
  • For example, the rise of pollution, and the lack of infrastructure such as public transport, schools and healthcare service to cope with the rising population.