7 thoughts on “Saturated (12)

  1. I wonder if I can clarify my question sufficiently well to obtain an answer … Give it a go, anyway … 🙂
    This shot looks like MANY, MANY I’ve seen that make me guess it’s edited within the Mac environment. I can’t describe what I mean other than to say it has a certain … sharpness. Or perhaps it’s that very saturation under which you’ve categorised it.
    The question is, is is the Mac environment or simply … say, PhotoShop?

    1. This photo as my other photos was taken in raw format and then developed or processed in Adobe Lightroom, which is imaging process program for photography.
      A lot of things such adjusting exposure and hue, changing the tone and contrast, plus lot more can be done in Adobe Lightroom. The end products are converted to jpeg and ready for use. This kind of digital photo process is referred to common digital photography work flow. Years ago, I have to spend quite a lot of time on digital noise reduction and image sharpening during the photo processing, but now I don’t need to worry too much about them as I am using full frame DSLR and several top quality lenses for shooting.

      When I saw this switch box, I thought it looks fantastic and simply took a photo of it; then I saw the sunlight and shadow were casting in geometric forms in the foreground, I decided to recompose my photo, let sunlight and shadow in the triangle form itself, and both combined into a rectangle. Light at lunch time is hard and bright, the contrast between the bright sunlight and shadow was huge, It was not too easy to control the exposure. I kept the switch box at correct exposure at the end. The result is that the wall was dull, the sunlight was too bright and the shadow was a little bit dark.

      After this image was loaded into Adobe Lightroom, the highlight was reduced to soften the sunlight, the shadow was increased to light up the brick wall; contrast and clarity were also adjusted. The result is what you see now, it might be a bit of artificial in color. Thanks M-R.

      1. That’s really kind of you, Ming – you’ve taken a lot of trouble to explain, and I appreciate it ! I think that Lightroom must be the … the Thing that creates this look. 🙂

      2. I know, I know: but I’m such an appalling photographer that film would be entirely wasted on me.

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