The Heart of Photography

In Flow with Otto

I have been pondering over what photography is. I mean really is. New technology has completely changed the idea of photography, from a mechanical/chemical device that would record reality to something much more complex. With digital technology and ever more advancements when it comes to digital tools available for the photographer, it gets more and more complicated to define what photography truly is. Particularly for me, working mainly in the genre of documentary photography, I find it troublesome to set limits for what is acceptable and not. The old saying «a photograph doesn’t lie», is simply not true any more. Even the idea that photography captures reality has become challenged by postmodern believe systems. According to some postmodern thinkers a photograph is not a picture of something that is real – but a picture of the idea of something real, or even a picture of pictures we have been accustomed…

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One thought on “The Heart of Photography

  1. The photog.s who know me know that I’m not a fan of digital enhancement. For instance, the shot accompanying that bloke’s post has had its gamma lowered to achieve what appears to be so popular – that dark and brooding effect. Frankly, I’m sick to death of it! – far too much contrast in all monochrome photography, these days. Still, it goes to support his thesis that the craft is no longer what it once was. And it’s all the worse for it.

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