20 thoughts on “Painful Still

  1. Dear Ming – I hope you have had your shoulder injection and are feeling better by the time you read this. I have had one shoulder rebuilt surgically and cortisone shots to both, that helped enormously. Hang in there and don’t suffer too much for your art!

      1. You’re welcome! For me, for both shoulders, the cortisone worked wonders within about two days. I know how awful shoulder pain feels and wish you the best: relief as quickly as possible.

      2. You’re welcome. With cortisone, a person does not want to take it too many times. For me, the first shot worked magic quicky. I didn’t need more than one shot in each shoulder, and they were done years apart, two different injuries at two different times. Just one shot calmed down the inflammation very thoroughly. Of course, I followed the doctor’s instructions and babied my shoulder, gave it lots of rest and they have healed so well I can now paddle a kayak on the lake for hours with no pain at all. Good luck to you this week.

      3. I had done the shot for 4 days now, pain is reduced but the hand still does not have the power. Doctor said it needs several weeks to be recovered. Hopefully one shot is enough for me. Thanks Babsje.

      4. Oh good luck! Thanks for letting me know. I have been thinking of you. I hope you have a comfortable position for sleeping, so your shoulder and arm are not bearing my weight over night. That was difficult for me for while until I learned to put pillow behind my back and lean against it instead of directly on my shoulder. Take care! Best, Babsje

  2. I have been with gout for 20 years, at worst times I could not move my leg as it is very painful. And yes intravenous injection of cortisone really helped me to get up again. Hope your pain be relieved soon …

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