Copy Cat! – Smart Phone Time?

Ouch!! My back hurts!!

Fellow blogger, Ming Wang features rather good photos of people in action with their dreaded phones. I, for one, am rather anti phone. I often suggest that the best place of mine is at the bottom of the canal… figuratively speaking, that is. No pollution intended.

However… as much as we detest the things and the intrusion they’ve forced in our lives so they have become necessities. I remember, many years ago back in South Africa, when the things were still almost a status symbol, a client of mine stating matter-of-factly…

“If you don’t get one within days you’ll lose my business.”

I’m sure you know what the outcome of that very short, one-sided debate could be… yes, next day I too looked like a yuppy with my new accessory firmly within arms reach. But… as usual, I digress. Back to pics of folk with phones. I’ve already featured the…

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