8 thoughts on “Infinite

  1. I find your blog’s navigation a tad tedious… however, your perception and capture of imagery is superb!

    I hope all the i-phone bits are fake… cos if you can do that with mobile technology then you’ve shattered my belief in the good old camera! 😉

    1. I am still not familiar with this WordPress interface, and use the default theme for my blog. I should spend more times to explore other templates to find out the better one. Thanks for dropping into my site, like my photos and left those valuable comments.

      Very hard to get the film developed and it costs more now. The technology of camera on mobile phone had got improved a lot recently, Sony’s new phone has 20MP sensor and a Nokia phone has 41MP sensor. Phone camera is convenient to use, it might replace those point and shoot camera in the future. But the film’s feelings are still the best.

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